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With a Magento webshop you get a system that makes your online store attractive and efficient for both customers and yourself. The enormous flexibility makes the webshop can be tailored exactly to your shopping needs in a unique graphical profile. At the same time a comprehensive - yet simple - delivery system to get the daily administration to run smoothly.


Certified Magento developers with business understanding and ecommerce experience.


Professional development and Magento Programming


All our developers are highly trained and operate from our own office iDanmark and Ukraine. We provide security, competence and security to development builds on the Magento guidelines. result is quality, performance and the ability to upgrade your solution when new Magento versions.


An agile approach


Development is complex, and it can be difficult to anticipate every bump in the road from start to finish. We believe in an agile process, combined with good project management - can lead a project to successful completion. Agil process is in our world is not equal to bulk billing - but can be used to ensure that resources are spent on the right priorities within the agreed economy. It provides increased speed and ultimately a better solution. All our projects start with the degradation of all tasks, to create a complete picture - then organized all tasks in specific sprints / work phases with related economic and deadline. A typical sprint lasts about 14 days.